Lena Karin isadesigner, photographer, couturier and stylist.
She heads the Pro-Obraz Design Studio and her own Fashion House.
She isanart director for anumber ofcreative projects implemented indifferent countries.

Her general style concept isLess pathos, more ideas.
Lena Karinsdesign isaunique phenomenon inthe fashion world. Her approach isunique. Photos she takes first become the basis for cuttings, and then athing ismade: either clothes orinterior design items. The same item becomes acharacter for anew photo tobetransferred tofabrics oranobject again. The picture gradually gains more and more layers.
Wonderful things happen tothe characters featured inphotographic sessions: they exist inafairy world full ofprovocation, naked bodies orsentimental nuances. They are sometimes hidden inthe pleats ofadress, covered with zippered pockets orfound onthe lining only.

Such fractal-like design isnamed asthephototecture technique.

The Pro-Obraz Design Studio was established in2002.
Branding concepts, calendars and gifts, luxurious interior and textile design are just apart ofwhat Lena Karinsteam cando.

Her Fashion House was founded in2006. Its motto isCrazy clothes for the reserved ones.
Lena Karinssubject-oriented collections imply the clothes and accessories design that isbased onthe creation ofnew technologies needed toreveal the concept ofthe collection.

LENA KARIN isaregistered trademark.
Her creative lab and showroom are located inthe center ofthe city.

  • Location: Arbatskaya, Biblioteka im.Lenina orAlexandrovsky Sad metro stations.

  • Address: Romanov per. 3,office 87(central entrance).

  • Tel. +7(495) 697-48-28

The Queen. Onthe Verge ofParadox. Spring/Summer 2009. Moscow Fashion Week.
Dilemma. APiano Duet. Autumn/Winter 2008/2009. Moscow Fashion Week.
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